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Welcome to the tournament page where players are free to host their own tournaments.  To join this organization and host your own tournaments for Warcraft II, please sign up for and submit your username to the following form: 

Warcraft II Tournament Host Request Form 


Название Игра Тип Участники Дата создания Прогресс
tier 3 gow SE 13 09-17-17
CHOP FARMS SE 7 04-03-17
2v2 Humans Only tournament SE 15 03-20-17
2v2 Mini BgH Tournament Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness SE 5 06-05-16
1v1 POS - ^AdaM^ Memorial Tournament Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness SE 12 06-05-16
Tournament Chop 2v2 warcraft 2 SE 7 05-14-16
1v1 Archers Friends Tournament Warcraf II: Tides of Darkness SE 12 05-02-16
$150+ 45 Man PBall Tournament Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness SE 7 04-15-16
War2doubles Garden of war SE 10 11-30-15
Peon Olympics Tournament Groups → SE 8 04-23-15
UWC1 The Beginning Part4! SE 8 04-11-15
UWC1 The Beginning Part3! Warcraft II SE 8 04-10-15
UWC1 The Beginning Part2! Warcraft II SE 8 04-09-15
UWC1 The Beginning Part1! Warcraft II SE 8 04-08-15


  Название команды Владелец команды Организация Участники Дата создания
Team Monkey RitTheMonkey Warcraft II 2 04-25-15